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Daily for 30 days
  • Min:$50
  • Max:$100
  • Deposit return:100%
  • Net profit:+24%
Daily for 90 days
  • Min:$100
  • Max:$10000
  • Deposit return:100%
  • Net profit:+90%
Weekly for 25 weeks
  • Min:$1000
  • Max:$50000
  • Deposit return:100%
  • Net profit:+250%
Monthly for 12 months
  • Min:$2000
  • Max:$200000
  • Deposit return:100%
  • Net profit:+540%


Welcome to the site of Bet 8 Limited company! Are you interested in income without risks and with the 100% guarantee? We are specializing in it! Employees of Bet 8 Limited company — are specialists in a sphere of searching and earning on the arbitration situations in sports bets. It is a special kind of earning which allows to earn on sports bets without any risk, as we get a profit whatever the outcome of the sports event. You can find out more about this kind of earning on the page «About us». Join the number of our investors and earn up to 540% per year ensured!

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Our advantages

  • Guaranteed income

    In the earnings on the arbitration situations surebets there are no risks. We have been working with this activity for more than 5 years, and have mastered all process to perfection.

  • Proceedings of the work

    Every day we post proceedings concerning those arbitration situations which we were taking part in. You can see every step we have done, and check how much and what way we earn.

  • High earnings and immediate withdrawal

    Due to the stability and reliability of our activity we can make an income up to 540% in 12 months, and immediately process all the applications of the withdrawal. Order a payment right now, and certainly at this moment the money will be on your e-wallet.

Report concerning surebets for today

In this section we publish the information about our activity every day. The number of bets, the percent of profit, the net profit in 24 hours — all is here. We save detailed statistics for all period in the online chart which is available for everyone. In order to go to the chart, press the button below.

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